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Riccardo Magni and Clay Edgin have competed in over 120 combined strength sport competitions throughout their lives. Somewhere along the way, developing mighty mitts became the focus of their respective training and they became friends.

The idea for this podcast came out of God-know-how-many hours they spent on the phone chatting and laughing about training. Every phone call, no matter who dials whom, starts with "I know you're busy so this will only take a second..." and it ends up being a half hour.

Both are medalists in the Armlifting Professional League World Championships and push each other through motivational shit talking in text and Instagram videos. Riccardo will do a lift in the morning and Clay will chip his weight just a little bit in the afternoon. Riccardo will claim he's stronger pound-for-pound and Clay will always retort with "Ain't no weight classes in the jungle!"

Riccardo is a high school science teacher in Santa Maria, California, husband, and father to 3 kids. Clay is a strength coach in Austin, Texas, recently engaged, and has 2 kids of his own.